Ep 14B: Interview with Kris Kaar from Carton Council

What is the hardest part about recycling cartons? According to Kris Kaar, a senior consultant at Resource Recycling Systems and Carton Council, it’s getting people to actually recycle. In this episode, we learn how carton recycling technology developed over the last decade, including with AI, to make recycling it easier into stuff like ceiling tiles. Learn how the Carton Council is improving the curbside recycling rate of cartons in the US and how you can help make it higher!

Find out more about Carton Council on their website: https://www.recyclecartons.com/. They have information about whether cartons can be recycled in your area and excellent resources to help you get involved with carton recycling.

Kris Kaar has been working with Carton Council for the past 10 years and is also currently a senior consultant at Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) with 30 years of experience in research, planning, communication, and program management in solid waste and recycling programs. Find out more about RRS on their website: https://recycle.com/
You can find out more about Kris on our Featured Guests page

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Hosts: Manali Banerjee and Nasreen Khan
Editors: Manali Banerjee and Nasreen Khan
Music: Shang Young

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